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It works perfect and I always wanted an app like that


Thats Great


This is the perfect app for wifi anywhere

I wish there was zero stars.

Doesnt even work. My apps still crash. What a waste of time.


Pretty simple and Works

Great but...

Great vpn. It just randomly disconnects very often. Causing me to have turn iron, or even have to delete the app and redownload it

Good app

Its a very good and useful app. Its easy to use.

VPN Proxy Master

Love love love this app. Its fast and easy to set up. Almost completely effortless and instant privacy protection at the palm of your hands. A must have for anyone browsing the net


Creates a VPN. Simple to use. Ads arent too invasive.

5 Sta fo real

Always using this one in China, everythings ok all time!!!

Does what its supposed to do

This app really helps a lot. When Im at school, i can use it to help me research and type things that I would have to wait until I get home to do.


perfect for going on apps that my schools had blocked


One word. Fantastic


Very good

Thank you!

Was taking a trip out of the country, which meant I was going to miss my favorite cable show involving dragons, not just one Sunday, but two! Setup was super easy. I picked a US vpn, and boom, fire breathing dragons.

Removing profile

Hello there, how can I delete the profile? Usually I was able to tap into the profile and delete it but now I cant. Any ideas? Thanks!

Its amazing

Now I can connect to my school

So far, so good

As far as I can tell, its legit, not to mention they will only share information with government authorities if absolutely necessary. I will make another review if problems come up.

VIP is worth it

I love the paid version of this app. Otherwise that its very basic. Worth the money though.


Looking for a VPN app this is what you should get

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